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How Powerful are Good Job Adverts?

Ever wondered about the power of good job adverts?

Here’s a true story about a recent success.

A well-respected recruitment agency had many job adverts running.

They advertise every live job on their own website, plus post some of their adverts to various job boards.

Their adverts are formed of the Job Description with some words changed to hide the identity of their 'client'.

'Candidate A', (let's call him Bob), saw one of their adverts.

After 7 years, things are getting a bit stale in his current job, so despite having a stable job at a company where he is well respected, Bob is open to considering something better.

Bob didn’t apply.

Fast forward 3 weeks.

The same hiring company engaged my services to help make this hire.

After a detailed briefing on-site, I crafted a bespoke & engaging advert, plus other marketing & briefing material.

Bob saw my advert & called me up from his desk

- he was genuinely excited about the job advert he had just read.

We discover that this opportunity matches his ambitions & he’s a suitable candidate.

I sent Bob the original job description & the briefing material that I'd created.

Bob called back to tell me he "saw this job advertised 3 weeks ago".

He didn’t apply because that advert made the job sound “dull and no better than my current job”. We agree that I'll send his CV.





Guess who got the job offer.

Are you missing out on good people when you hire, because your recruiter writes bad adverts?

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