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High-Tech Engineering Recruitment Specialist

Computer Programming


Helping companies hire Electronics & Embedded Software Engineers



When Engineering Managers contact us, it's generally because they have realised that their current recruitment solution is a bit too 'one size fits all' and is not meeting their specific needs.

They tell me that their current choice of recruiters fail to grasp the challenges they are facing, or they are too 'keyword' oriented, while some say that recruiters they have worked with are working on too many vacancies at a time to be able to provide the level of dedication required to do things properly.

Ultimately, they realise they need something a bit more agile and purposeful, something that offers a great focus on their problems and where success happens on purpose rather than by accident, and on a random basis.

You'll see the most benefit by engaging me to help you hire in fields of high expertise where there is a small potential candidate base that requires careful attention and purposeful attraction.

Generally speaking, hiring managers appreciate that I’m willing to say when I can’t help.  They also tend to appreciate having a recruiter take a more focussed approach with their hiring needs.

If you want to know more, let's have a discussion.  You're at no obligation, but let's find out if I can provide a solution that's right for you.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 1245 210 174 or email me on 


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