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Chief Engineer - Electronics

A leadership opportunity with a company that is about to embark on a new adventure.

Looking for responsibility, ownership of challenges and a blank canvas? Look no further.

You’ve been designing high integrity electronics and leading small teams for a number of years.

You’ve created new products, new processes, new tools, and you’ve solved what seemed to be some of the toughest problems and design standard compliance issues.

Is it now time to combine all of your experience and really make your mark?

Are you ready to help define the new technical direction of company, define its entire ECU strategy, and define how you’re going to deliver it?

You’ll work closely with the technical director to lead this business in a new direction, still developing ASIL D compliant electronic products, and still developing some unique technologies, but now it’s about hitting bigger volume markets and not just designing, but taking things to manufacture too.

The challenges are unique and demanding, the rewards are deeply satisfying, and the future - well that’s up to you.

This company will give you as much, or as little responsibility as you are prepared to take, so if it's time for you to step up, what are you waiting for?

We don’t need a CV just yet, all we need is to have a chat and see if it's the kind of thing that's really going to satisfy you.  

Get in touch for a no-obligation discovery call, and decide from there.

E: sh@HigginsTalentSourcing

T: +44 (0) 7415 061 809

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