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AUTOSAR experts with a bias towards low level / complex driver development. A rare opportunity.


When some people hear that word, their eyes roll to the back of their head in disbelief that it's still around.

Not you though.

You recognise the true value of this architecture, you've been developing it for years and you've probably even contributed to the AUTOSAR Consortium, so you've made a recognisable impact.


Have you ever been involved in a project from the start, and participated in all the stages through to launch?

What about being the person around which all activities happen - the person bringing it all together?

Is that something that you'd even want to do?

There's a company that is looking for someone to bridge the gap between the customer and the development teams (currently 53 people).

Their customer is developing new Combustion, Hybrid and Electrified Powertrains, and you'll work in close collaboration with that customer and your team to ensure the successful delivery of AUTOSAR Compliant Low-level Drivers for an entire range of propulsion systems. Your team will be focussed on delivering complex device drivers for a range of sensors & actuators.

Location: The first year will be based in Monchengladbach, before locating to Dusseldorf.

English language - essential

German language - not essential, but would be helpful

To find out more...

* Connect/Send a private message

* Call me: +44 (0) 7415 061 809

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